Worst Black Friday deaths and incidents ranked

Black Friday is the busiest, most chaotic, and dangerous shopping day that allows people to experience the best sales of the year.

There are two types of people on Black Friday, group 1 is prepared and ready for pushing, trampling over people and waiting in line for hours to get those amazing discounts Black Friday offers, while group 2 would prefer to stay at home and do their shopping another time.

The people we’ll talk about today would have surely been better off had they stayed at home. Sadly, that wasn’t the case…

Here are some of the saddest and scariest Black Friday stories, that will make you think twice about actually going to the stores this Friday.

Fatal stampede at Walmart

2,000 people broke into a Walmart that was scheduled to open but didn’t do so in time. They knocked down the doors and rushed inside, trampling over people and killing an employee.

Police and paramedics came to the scene, but people pushed through them as well.

And for what exactly?

$20 off a Play Station 3…

A pregnant woman miscarries

This also happened during the Walmart stampede in 2008, when the same violent and angry crowd pushed a 8-months pregnant woman and knocked her down.

She was waiting in line to buy stuff for the soon to be born baby, but ended up losing it, that very same day.

Shoppers at target push and step all over a dying man

A 61-year old man was shopping in a Target in West Virginia when he fell to the ground and couldn’t stand up.

None of the customers offered him a hand, or asked how he was doing. They just continued running around the store, and stepping over the man, while looking for the best bargains.

An ambulance came to take Walter to the hospital, where he sadly died.

11-year-old girl trampled

Crazed shoppers at Walmart trampled over a 11-year-old while chasing over the best deals.

Luckily for the girl, police officers responded within minutes, and transported her to the hospital.

An assailant pulls out woman’s teeth, and brakes her jaw in Kohl’s

A transgender woman and her mother were attacked in 2012 in Kohl’s as soon as its doors opened.

The attackers pulled out some of her teeth and her hair too.

None of the employees tried to intervene and they didn’t bother calling the police as well.

The police came after another shopper decided to call them, as nobody tied to help the two women fight off their assailants.

What’s your worst or best Black Friday experience? Share your story in the comments.

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