Word puzzle personality test – First word you see describes your character

word puzzle personality testThe first word that you see in this word search describes and reveals your character and who you are as a person.

Look at the picture.
What’s the first word you see?

Check out what this word says about your character and about your personality.

If you saw task

Your dedication and commitment are your two most important traits. You are dedicated to your job, and you make sure not to let your boss down. If you’re on the other side, and you have people working under you, you always make sure they feel appreciated, motivated and valued.

When you set your mind on something it’s quite difficult for someone to make you change directions.

If you saw power

You enjoy taking responsibility and having things in your control, and that is when you feel at your best. You don’t mind working in stressful environments, and you do better under pressure than most people do.

You don’t make assumptions; you analyze the situation and act accordingly. You don’t leave anything up to faith. Instead you take control and motivate everyone to work with you through all kinds of challenges and difficult situations, until you’ve finally achieved your goal.

You don’t like to lose, and that’s why you tend to jump into action faster than others so that you can take control of the situation before it gets out of hand.

If you saw home

You are a mediator, a friend, and a loving and caring person. You are calm and reserved and you don’t let others define who you are.

You have a fountain of joy within you that you share with your family and friends, and they appreciate you for it the most.

You like to surround yourself with like-minded individuals, and like spending time with people you love and respect.

Even from a young age you’ve discovered what the most important things in life are, and for you that’s definitely your family.

If you saw animal

If what you saw first was animal that means that you are among just 4% of the population that truly shines with a flame and passion for the outdoors, nature and most of all – animals!

You are a caring and shy person that likes to spend time with like-minded individuals. While people may see you as awkward and antisocial, the truth is that you like spending time with others, just as long as you feel safe and welcome in their circle.

Being a part of this personality group might often make you feel misunderstood by most people, and sometimes even lonely. What you must realize is that people don’t define you, your actions do! So keep on living life the way you desire, even if others won’t ever understand.

If you saw lover

You are a very energetic, blunt and charming person. Your personality type makes you stand out in a group, and always leaves a positive impact on others.

You like being a performer and an entertainer and you’re always ready for an adventure.

Your honesty and sense of humor are your secret weapons and people love you for that.

What makes people want to be in your company is the passion and trill they see in your eyes that immediately makes them wish they had your charisma and charm.

If you saw team

Your personality type is quite unique. The qualities that you possess make you very good at personal relationships as well as a good co-worker and team player.

Your analytics skills are amazing and you are always open to change and new ideas.

No matter if you’re a part of a team, or are leading one, you always make sure that everyone feels appreciated and valued, and that no one is excluded in any way. You take everyone’s opinions into consideration, no matter if you think you already have the answers to the problem.

Share your result with your friends, so they can see which of their personality traits and characteristics define them the most.

Written by Marija Krstova

Marija Krstova is a blogger and content writer. She writes about health & wellness, fitness & nutrition, travel, gaming, lifestyle and more. When she’s not writing, you can find her travelling, playing with her dogs or enjoying a sunny day at the park.

20 thoughts on “Word puzzle personality test – First word you see describes your character”

    1. Maybe you’re another kind of leader.. .you can handle another of any kind of situations. But you saw “glove” because this leadership ability hasn’t revealed its self to you. Yet.

    1. Me too!! All of the words they mention have 4 or more letters. If that’s what we were supposed to find, then the instructions are incorrect.

  1. Another bunch of psychological BS. I saw “Team” and your evaluation of what that means couldn’t be more wrong in relation to me. I personally believe that “psychology” is the biggest fraud that has ever come out of our medical schools. It has failed everyone I have ever known, including both my sister and son who died by their own hands, and my personal experiences with “practitioners” of the BS has left me infuriated with the incompetence, arrogance, closed-mindedness, and baseless assumptions that are characteristics of those who think they can “fix” other people when they can’t even “fix” themselves. This is all BS. Like the pharmaceutical industry that doesn’t want to find cures because there is no money is a cure, psychologists of all categories do not actually want to “fix” people because they want their “patients” to keep coming so they can keep charging excessive sums of money for nothing. I’m just speaking my long life of “truth and lived experience”. After reading “Learn how your comment data is processed” I realize that my comment will not make it onto your site. So predictable.

  2. The first three letters are ARK as in Noah. What does this say about me – that I pick the easy way out? This is complete physiological rubbish

  3. Here’s what I don’t “get” about these first word puzzles. If it is written in English we read left to right top to bottom so how can the “first” word be POWER? The first word in this box, if you will, is ARK(S). Okay you don’t see it then SAT,LO,TEA. It just leaves me scratching my head.

  4. I saw these first –


    I sent it to my partner and they saw revolt too – what does that mean? I don’t see a description for it so I’m curious

  5. Phyllis Paxton

    The first word I saw was “ark” as well. What does that say about all of us that saw ark first. Are we looking for a gracious way out of this unsettling world we live in, or do we just love animals and being on the open waters?????

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