Christmas eye test – The first word you see reveals a lot about your personality

Christmas Word puzzle eye testThe first word you see reveals a lot about you. Take a look at the word puzzle. What’s the first Christmas word you see?

Check out what it says about you bellow.

If you saw glory

You are always the most popular person at a party, and when it comes to Christmas your role is to get everybody together and make sure they all have a wonderful time.

You do your best to make sure everyone’s happy and is having a good time. You don’t sit down until everyone feels comfortable and when things aren’t going right with the family, you are there to relieve the tension. You always see to it that everything goes smoothly and people love you for it.

If you saw highest

You always say that you don’t want to make a big deal out of Christmas, or any other holiday for that matter, but as soon as you see the Christmas decorations go up, and the stores get filled with Christmas ornaments, decorations and gifts you get excited and start planning everybody’s gifts a month ahead. You get swept up in the holiday atmosphere and end up having an amazing time.

If you saw Luke

You are a true friend and a very dedicated partner. You love organizing family gatherings and you’re especially excited when it comes to Christmas. It’s your favorite holiday of the year, so you go all out on gifs, and decorations. You enjoy every part of it!

If you saw angels

You feel awful when you let down your closest friends, and you would do anything to make them feel special and loved.

This, like every other Christmas, will be dedicated to them. You’ll spend it with your closest friends and family members, talking about the good times you’ve had together, exchanging gifts and funny stories, and having a nice time.

If you saw Immanuel

Your favorite part of Christmas is not the presents you receive, and the one’s you get, but knowing that the presence of God is with you.

If you saw Mary

You have a unique place in the world, and there is no one equal to you. You see Christmas as a chance to make your family feel happy and loved. It’s not, and it never was about the presents, but you do enjoy getting them for your family, and you know exactly what to get them each year.

If you saw Jesus

You are a kindhearted and giving person, and you always think of others before yourself. You celebrate Christmas from your heart, not from your pocket, but you don’t mind spending a little to show your loved ones you appreciate them. You still manage to find some spare money to help out a man in need! You don’t feel good celebrating unless you get a chance to brighten someone else’s Christmas too.

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