Did an elderly woman succeed in training her 65 cats to steal from neighbors?

A hoax article appeared from a satire website that reported a story of an elderly woman herding her cats, and using them to steal from the neighbors.

What they claimed was that the woman had trained her cats to steal jewelry and other expensive items from her neighbors.

The news went viral

People were shocked and very intrigued by the story at the same time.

What the fake news website said was that the 83-year-old lived in Ohio and had successfully trained all of her cats (65 to be exact) to steal items from her neighbors.

The woman’s neighbors had reported the suspicious activity and the unexplained disappearance of their valuables to the police. After some surveillance the police realized that it was the neighbor’s cats that kept entering into homes and taking anything that was shiny.

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As you can guess, many were skeptical as to how this could happen. Cat owners were stunned at the idea, since it’s sometimes impossible to train one, let alone 65 cats to do something you order them.

The mug shot was fake

One other thing that was fake, was the mug shot, of course. The pictured they used showed Helen Staudinger, a woman from Florida that was arrested in 2011 for shooting at her neighbor that didn’t want to kiss her.

There are many other news that you can find on the same website that have similarly shocking and unbelievable headlines, which are often untrue.

Sorry to have gotten your hopes up for nothing. The truth is that it’s highly unlikely for you to train 65 cats to steal jewelry and make you reach. You should just keep working on getting your cat to stop scratching the couch. Hope you’ll have better luck there.

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