Woman fined £3,250 for hacking her unfaithful husband’s email account

A Swiss woman was fined £3,250 after she had allegedly hacked into her husband’s computer to see if her hunch about him being unfaithful was true. Here’s how to deal with a lying cheating husband according to this woman.

What did she actually do?

She stated that she used the password her husband had noted next to the computer, and she didn’t actually hack into his account, as he had already told her the password before.

Her intentions and what she uncovered

What she suspected, and was confirmed by his emails, was that her husband was having an affair, and chatting with other women for a longer period of time.

She went through his emails, saw that he had been talking to a few other women and asked him to move out.

He moved out shortly after the incident, and they hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, as she had no intention of speaking to him ever again, and had lost all the trust she had in him.

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Her husband filed charges

The husband’s lawyers claimed that she had committed an act of hacking, and had downloaded files that did not belong to her.

The defense claimed that what she did can not be classified as hacking, and that it cannot be viewed as a crime.

Investigators looked through her history and found out that she had searched whether her behavior was illegal, or criminal.

The official report states that the husband filed the original charges in February, and the wife was given a £7,500 fine which was later on suspended.

They suspended the fine, on the condition that she won’t commit a crime in the next 2 years. She did, however have to pay £3,250 used to cover all the police expenses.

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