What’s your mental age? Here’s a quick way to find out!

The 5 minute mental age test

What’s your mental age? Do you think it differs a lot from your actual age?

Millions of people around the Globe have a different biological and mental age, which means that you could be one of them.

Take the 5 minute test to find out! And don’t forget to share your result in the comments.

The test has only 10 questions and it takes 3-5 minutes to complete. The questions are very simple and easy, and are all about you and your personality. You can start with the questions right after you read the rules, so that you know how to count and add up your answers into a number that will determine your mental age.

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The rules:

The rules to the test are very simple.

You need to go over all ten questions and answer them honestly. Don’t think about your answer. The less you think – the better.

Each answer is its own number. You’ll get one point each time you choose answer no. 1, two points, for answer no. 2, and so on. Add up the numbers and go over to the results, to find out your true mental age.

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Question #1

Which color would you pick, if you had to pick only one?

  1. blue
  2. grey
  3. pink
  4. white

Question #2

If you could pick only one of these meals to eat right now, which one would you pick?

  1. a hamburger
  2. a bowl of soup
  3. pizza
  4. sea food

Question #3

When you’re online, what do you do the most?

  1. check Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat
  2. read motivational articles and e-books
  3. check the latest celebrity gossip and showbiz news
  4. check your e-mail

Question #4

If you could pick one animal to be your spirit animal, which one would it be?

  1. unicorn
  2. sloth
  3. shark
  4. I don’t need to have a spirit animal

Question #5

What kind of movie would you watch if you were to have a movie night tonight?

  1. animated movie
  2. action movie
  3. comedy
  4. drama

Question #6

Let’s imagine that you could pick one skill to learn right now, with no effort given. Which one would you pick?

  1. learn a new language
  2. learn a new sport
  3. management skills
  4. painting

Question #7

What’s your dream vacation?

  1. Disney World
  2. a Eurotrip
  3. a Big city
  4. a tropical island or a cabin in the woods

Question #8

How would you spend the money if you were to win the lottery?

  1. travel the world, party and go shopping
  2. buy gifts for your loved ones and remodel the house
  3. pay the bills, student loans, or your mortgage
  4. put it in a savings account and keep it for your kids

Question #9

What do you do after you make a mess? Be honest!

  1. leave it for someone else to clean it up
  2. offer to clean it, but hope they’ll say no
  3. clean it up, since it’s your fault
  4. clean it up, since no one else will

We have arrived to the final and toughest question of all!

Question #10

What’s the meaning of life?

  1. to be happy
  2. to be succesful
  3. can I get a different question?
  4. to struggle

And you are done with the test! Let’s go to the results!

Add up your numbers, and find out what’s your real mental age.

If you have:

10-19 points you’re 9 years old

You have a lot of energy, you’re always doing something, and you are never out of ideas. You react quite emotionally to each event in your everyday life, and you always feel better after you share it with someone, and cuddle it up.

20-29 points you’re 15-19 years old

You welcome new emotions, and like to explore all possible situations that occur in your life. You are a conqueror and you are always ready for a riot. All you’re doing is looking for your place in the world.

30-33 points you’re 20-29 years old

This is the age when your true personality forms. You are more confident in yourself, and always know the right thing to do, which doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t know how to have fun as well.

34-37 points you’re 29-55 years old

You know how to take responsibility for your actions, and you are aware of what your actions can lead to. You handle your emotions quite well. This is your time to shine, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

38-40 points you’re 55 and older

You take off your mask and show your real self to the world. You are finally ready to enjoy the golden days, without any complexes or unwanted thoughts.


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