The truth about breakups – What you should expect

Splitsville isn’t always the brightest and happiest place to be at. When it all goes sour, what you’re left with are a few emotional bruises and a lot of questions. Well that’s exactly where science steps in and reveals the truth about breakups, and all the stuff that comes along with it! We all know that moving on from a breakup can be quite tough. Let’s see what exactly happens to us during that period, and why.

The pain is real

A university in Colorado actually did an experiment on 40 volunteers who had gone through a breakup in the past 6 months. Scientists showed the volunteers photos of their exes while they were monitoring their brain activity in an MRI. What they discovered was that the same region that activates while we feel pain, was activated when they saw the photos. It was emotional pain that they felt, which had measurable effects on the chemicals in their brain.

You can actually die of a broken heart

Did you know that there was such a thing as a broken heart syndrome? It’s medically known as a stress-induced cardiomyopathy, and is our body’s reaction to an extremely traumatic and stressful event.

The problem with this syndrome is that it can often be misdiagnose as a heart attack. This is mainly because of the similarity in symptoms. People who suffer from the syndrome experience sudden and very intense chest pains. Although you may also suffer from short-term muscle failure, chances are you’ll fully recover, as most do.

Surviving a breakup can be as hard as kicking an addiction

Love addiction… Yes, such a thing apparently exists. It can even be as hard to get over, as any other form of addiction. By comparing the brains of cocaine addicts and people who had recently broken up with their partners, scientists have found out that there are many similarities between the two. Getting over a rejection or a breakup is never easy. This explain why people behave the way they do, and it certainly explains why they have such difficulties getting through the post-breakup period.

The more breakups you survive, the more skeptical you may be about ever finding a healthy relationship

truth about breakups - lonelinessA research team from Perdue University discovered that the more a person’s rejected, the more likely he or she is to believe that love just isn’t in their cards. As a result, they may start feeling lonely, and they may want to isolate themselves. They might even start to fear that they’ll never find someone they’ll be able to have a normal relationship with, and might even lose interest in pursuing anyone else.

A difficult breakup may lead to a sudden marriage to someone else

truth about breakups - loneliness -love sickness - coupleThe percentages don’t lie, and what they show is that around two thirds of recently married people admit that they think of their ex quite often. Almost 40 percent say that their complicated relationship with their ex interferes in their marriage, which is quite a lot.

What would be best for you to do in such a situation is to give yourself some time away from relationships. You won’t regret being alone for some time, since this will mean that you’ll be able to give yourself enough time to heal properly. Take some time to get over your ex, and whatever issues you might have had.

You certainly cannot give up on love, and ever finding a special someone. Just take some time to focus on yourself and you’ll be fine sooner than you could imagine.

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