The Image You Pick Will Reveal Your True Personality

If You Picked Number 1

Choosing the first pattern, or the turquoise leaves means that you have a very cheerful and whimsical personality.

You love to travel and explore new places and you love learning new things along the way.

You are a great friend and a confidant and your friends and family know that they can always count on you for advice and a warm hug.

If You Picked Number 2

Choosing the pink roses or the second pattern on the picture means that you are a sensitive and kind soul with lots of love and kindness to give.

You love caring about your friends and family, and you love to be surrounded by pets of all shapes and sizes, which you all consider a part of your family as well.

You radiate positivity wherever you go and your friends love you for it.

If You Picked Number 3

If you chose the water color dots or pattern number 3 that means that you are a balanced, calm and relaxed person. You are passionate about everything you do and you always put 100% in your work and your family life.

You love with all your heart and you are able to give your friends and family strength whenever they are feeling blue or discouraged.

If You Picked Number 4

Pattern number four represents balance, passion and a sense of humor.

You are charming, bold and at times brutally honest with people. Your best trait is making people laugh but you’re also not afraid to be honest and tell them your thoughts and emotions in their face.

You are a very outgoing individual with a thirst for life. Most importantly, you know how to value things that some people often take for granted and you never miss a chance to improve yourself and make the most out of every situation.

If You Picked Number 5

If you were most drawn to the white and black zig-zags, or pattern number 5 that means that you are a creative and elegant person and you’re not afraid to take risks to get what you want.

You are likable and trustworthy and people consider you to be a good and loyal friend.

If You Picked Number 6

The lilac plaid pattern represents kindness and sincerity. It means that you’ve got a good and trustworthy heart and you’re a sweet and kind soul.

You don’t like to brag or boast and you are a bit shy in large groups or when meeting new people, although you always enjoy making new friendships and getting to know new and interesting people.

If You Picked Number 7

Choosing pattern number 7 suggest that you have a lively and cheerful young soul and that you are quite energetic and bubbly.

Above all, you love to go out, meet new people and you enjoy making new friendships.

You certainly approach each challenge with an upbeat and confident attitude and you’re not afraid of taking risks.

If You Picked Number 8

You know what’s important in life and you therefore value your friends and family most. They take the number one spot in your heart and they admire and treasure you for it.

You love to compete and you always approach each challenge with a positive and optimistic attitude.

If You Picked Number 9

You are a gracious and giving person and life experiences are your most valued treasures.

Money and materialistic things don’t play a huge role in your life.

You love challenges and are always ready for a new change, a new chapter in your life or a new group of people that will help you grow and improve yourself even more.

If You Picked Number 10

You are a creative and open-minded person. You love to laugh and have a good time with your friends and loved ones.

It’s not hard for you to find things that will make you smile and feel happy, and you are always able to make the most out of a tough situation.

You value happiness and love over materialistic things and you’d much rather go on a beautiful picnic with a group of friends you love than go to the salon and pamper yourself or buy yourself something new.

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