The first animal you see will determine your personality

The first animal you see when you look at the picture will reveal your personality.

Look at the picture. What’s the first animal you see?

personality test - determine your personality
Check out what it says about you and your personality.


If a stallion is the first animal you saw it means that you’ve got a very ambitious, wild and independent personality. You do whatever it takes to succeed, and you do it with an honest day’s work. You don’t take shortcuts, and you never shy away from a good challenge.

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If what you first saw was a rooster that means that you’re good at perseverance. We all know that roosters are quite fierce and smart creatures. You are quick on your feet, and you never hesitate to act and fight back, when you feel you’ve been wronged.


Same as a crab, you are hard on the outside, but soft from within. You are an extremely loyal person, placing the needs of others before yourself. Not once have you even considered betraying or cheating on someone, and everyone that knows you, knows that you have their back.


If you saw a dove first, this means that you are a patient, nourishing and caring person. You are calm, and you rarely let someone disturb your peace. People want to be in your surrounding simply because you have a peaceful and positive energy, and you make the whole flow of the room change to a positive and calm one, as soon as you walk in.


You’re a fearless and fierce person that always stands out in a crowd. You live an exhilarating, yet sometimes lonely life, but you handle it well. You are not afraid to speak your mind, and rarely do you change your opinion to fit others’.


You’re a loyal, caring and protective person. You take care of your family and loved ones and you always put your needs last, when it comes to them. You are a friendly and joyful person, and you would use every opportunity you have to make someone laugh.

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Praying mantis

You are a master of patience and tolerance. Your instincts are great and you have an inner voice that helps guide you on your path. This means that you are closely connected to your primal self, and you use your gut to tell you what’s right or wrong. Your fighting spirit gives you the energy and strength you need to master life.


If what you saw first was a butterfly that means that you’re an adaptable person, who doesn’t mind change. You are used to living a flexible lifestyle, and you easily adapt to any changes that might occur on the way. What you care about the most is getting things done, and you’re prepared to do anything to achieve your goal.


You don’t want to be tied down, and you most definitely don’t let anyone else make your decisions for you. Once you set your mind on something, you do anything in your power to get it. You are focused and driven, and you don’t mind ruffling a few feathers to get what you want.

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8 thoughts on “The first animal you see will determine your personality”

  1. I saw three “animals” first; a raven (they say dove), wolf, and butterfly. They all jumped out at me. Does that mean I’m psychotic?

  2. Okay, at first I saw a butterfly, a praying mantis, a crab and a wolf all at once. Second glance I spotted the wolf, horse, dog and eagle. I have not seen the rooster. On closer looking I did spot the rooster at the top of the butterflies wing. I can see alot of these creatures all at once so what dose that mean.

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