The first shape you see will reveal your subconscious personality

subconscious personality type test
Source: @curiousmindmagazine

The first shape you see on the picture will determine your personality.

Look at the picture. Do you see a guy or a girl?

If you saw a girl:

The people who saw the girl in the picture first are mediators, idealists and very passionate people.

They are always seeking new ways to improve their lives and they have fun doing so.

Most people perceive them as calm, shy and reserved, and although they give off that impression, they are not as shy and reserved as they seem.

This personality type comprises a smaller percent of the population. They shine with a strong inner flame and passion, and often seek like-minded friends and partners, who will share the same passion with them.

What’s important to them is that they surround themselves with people who share their ideas, and support their way of life.

They are innovators and forward thinkers and don’t mind sharing their ideas with the rest of the world, hoping to enlighten people and open their minds to new possibilities.

If you saw a guy:

People who share this personality type care about being popular, and well liked. What’s important to them is that they leave a good impression on others and that people think well of them.

They like working in teams, and enjoy spending time with others. They always offer support and love helping their friends and loved ones.

They function best when surrounded by friends and colleagues, when organizing a gathering, or a party and so on.

When it comes to being a friend, they are the most loyal and devoted people to have. That doesn’t mean that they are very tolerant. This means that you won’t have many chances to do them wrong, before they finally cut you out of their life.

People with this personality type like being organized and spontaneous at the same time, which is what helps them stay at the top of their game all the time.

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