Should you spank your child? Study says children who are spanked grow up to be abusive.

According to the study, children who get spanked by their parents are more likely to grow up to be abusive later in their life, especially to their parents or partners.

What did the study found?

Around 800 adults were surveyed by the medical branch in the University of Texas so that they could find out if being spanked as a child made those children behave aggressively as adults.

The study found that most of the adults that had shown aggressive behavior in relationships and towards their parents were spanked as kids.

The results of the study

We cannot take spanking as the sole cause for this behavior, as there are many other factors that attribute to the same behavior.

Nevertheless, it does provide us with a deeper look into the role spanking plays in the whole process.

The study claims that kids who were spanked as youngsters believe that physical violence is an acceptable solution to a problem, and that’s why they often resort to it in a case of conflict.

The target of the study

The study was targeted towards 19 and 20 year olds. Researchers questioned 758 people, 68% of which admitted that they had been spanked as children, while 19% of those said that at one point or another they have behaved violently and aggressively towards their partners or lovers.

“Spanking can lead to dating violence”

The study was conducted by Jeff Temple, who worked as a psychiatry professor at the University of Texas.

He said that even by taking solely spanking as a factor we can conclude that it can lead to dating violence and abuse especially towards partners and lovers.

What’s your opinion? Do you believe in spanking as an appropriate form of child discipline?

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