Sia leaks naked pictures of herself and turns the tables on a paparazzi

Sia leaks naked pictures of herself and turns the tables on a paparazzi.

Although Sia is known for always hiding her face, she has no problem showing her naked body if it helps stop a paparazzi in an attempt to make tons of money on it.

Sia shared a naked picture of herself on her twitter account, telling her fans that there’s someone out there who wants to sell naked photos of her, and asked them not to buy from him.

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This is what she wrote:

Last year, Sia shared with the public that hiding her face was a way of protecting herself from unfairness and all the judging that comes along with being a famous pop star.

What Sia did was outsmart the paparazzi and instead of taking legal action, she shot him down with just one tweet.

Here’s how her fans reacted:

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