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true personality test

The Image You Pick Will Reveal Your True Personality

About the Test This fun and easy true personality test is based on the simple idea that picking a certain pattern over others could reveal something about your true personality that you might not be aware of. Focus closely on the image and see which pattern is the most appealing to you. Let your subconscious…

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what's your mental age

What’s your mental age? Here’s a quick way to find out!

The 5 minute mental age test What’s your mental age? Do you think it differs a lot from your actual age? Millions of people around the Globe have a different biological and mental age, which means that you could be one of them. Take the 5 minute test to find out! And don’t forget to…

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brain test quiz

Do you have a male or female brain? Find out by looking at the picture.

Daphna Joel, an established neuroscientist, was quite interested in how our gender is formed and dedicated her time to research the phenomenon. In 2009, she launched a course dedicated to gender studies in Tel Aviv University, and her research took her on quite an interesting journey. She used her research and her study to bust…

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Are you an Introvert or Extrovert?

What do you see first? A lion or a zebra? Take this free online test to find out if you’re an introvert or an extrovert. Once you read your result, share it in the comments! Now let’s see what this picture, and what you saw on it says about you and your personality. If you…

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subconscious fear test

The first thing you see will reveal your subconscious fear

The first thing you see will reveal your subconscious fear. Look at the picture. What’s the first thing you see? A knife, a butterfly or a  caterpillar? If you saw the caterpillar first you are: Scared of not being good enough What you worry about all the time is that you’re not good enough or…

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