Humans protecting their Christmas decorations from mean Cats and Dogs


If you have a pet, you already know how they react around this time of the year. They love all the lights, and love to investigate around the Christmas tree.

That makes it inevitable for you to find a few broken ornaments and a fallen tree once in a while.

If you have a cat, there is a big possibility that it will wait no more than a few seconds until the tree is up to jump right on top of it.

If you happen to have a dog, you need to be prepared to find the lower branches of the tree around the house, or find the dog munching on them.

Now come the good news! There is a way for you to prevent these undesired events, you just need to be creative.
If you can’t think of a solution yourself, you can use some of the brilliant ideas that pet owners came up with to protect their tree and Christmas decorations.

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Protect your tree with everything you got!

Protect christmas tree from cat
Source: Cole and Marmalade


You better move that “thing” out of my way

Protect christmas tree from cat
Source: Bored Panda

Heh, clever humans…

protect christmas tree from cat
Source: Cole and Marmalade

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