The first word you see will reveal your subconscious personality

personality test - reveal your subconscious personalityThe first word that you see when you look at the picture describes and reveals your subconscious personality.

Look at the picture.

What’s the first word you see?

Check out what this word says about your personality and about your subconscious.

If you saw LOVER:

Your subconscious personality is lively.

You are an intriguing and passionate person and you always make people want to find out more about you. You are never predictable or boring, and you always find a way to make everyone keep guessing. This can be refreshing and exciting at the same time.

 If you saw LOWER:

Your subconscious personality is dominant.

You are always looking for ways to show your bravery and willingness to take a risk. You always try to make your career and love life more interesting. Your friends, colleagues, and your partner know they can count on you, and they do so quite often. You are the person they go to first, if they need advice, or a just little nudge. You encourage them to take risks and be the best they can be.

If you saw LOSER:

Your subconscious personality is honest.

Everyone around you feels safe and protected, especially when they’re with you. You never feel the need to lie or avoid the truth, just because it may hurt a little. Honesty is your strong suit, and people respect you for it. You make your friends and family feel secure around you, and they love you for it.
Source: Intelligence is sexy

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