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truth about breakups

The truth about breakups – What you should expect

Splitsville isn’t always the brightest and happiest place to be at. When it all goes sour, what you’re left with are a few emotional bruises and a lot of questions. Well that’s exactly where science steps in and reveals the truth about breakups, and all the stuff that comes along with it! We all know that…

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depressing facts about love worried sad girl

5 sad and depressing facts about love

Love isn’t always roses and chocolates. Not always do we get the chance to meet the right person at the right time, and have a wonderful and fulfilling relationships with. Real life’s not always like that. You’ll have many bumps and road blocks on the way. You just have to keep your head up and…

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facts about love – the science behind love

8 interesting facts about love – The science behind love

How it feels to be in love If you’ve ever been in love, then you know that you’ve truly been blessed. Only people who’ve experienced love, know just how much joy and happiness it comes along with it. Many of us haven’t even realized they were in love. We just knew we felt happy and…

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Facts about online dating

A few things you didn’t know about online dating

The basics Online or internet dating allows strangers to find other like-minded individuals, and develop romantic, personal or sexual relationships with. Online dating usually works through dating services and companies that have developed a specific and sophisticated mechanism. The mechanism works via dating apps and websites. This helps you look for a partner using whichever…

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