Life and Science Facts

am I crazy test

Are you crazy? Answer the questions and find out

The rules to this test are quite simple. Don’t skip any questions and answer them all honestly. All questions have 4 possible answers. Write each answer down. At the end of the test check to see which letter is prevailing: A, B, C, or D, and look for the description below. 1. Why do you…

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Friends Thanksgiving episodes

All of Friends’ Thanksgiving Episodes – Ranked

We have spent many wonderful Thanksgivings in the company of Chandler, Monica, Joey, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe. They have left us with a lot of wonderful memories that we still cherish, which is why we would like to pay tribute to them all. We’ll rank all 10 Thanksgiving episodes, and take a wonderful walk through…

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personality test - determine your personality

The first animal you see will determine your personality

The first animal you see when you look at the picture will reveal your personality. Look at the picture. What’s the first animal you see? Check out what it says about you and your personality. Stallion If a stallion is the first animal you saw it means that you’ve got a very ambitious, wild and…

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personality test - reveal your subconscious personality

The first word you see will reveal your subconscious personality

The first word that you see when you look at the picture describes and reveals your subconscious personality. Look at the picture. What’s the first word you see? Check out what this word says about your personality and about your subconscious. READ MORE: The first animal you see reveals your personality If you saw LOVER:…

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save money on Christmas shopping - gifts

5 ways to save money on Christmas shopping

As the weather gets just a bit cooler each day, we get more and more excited about Christmas. There are a lot of wonderful things we associate Christmas with, and one of those is most definitely the part where we get to give our family and our loved ones the perfect presents they deserve. We…

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sativa and indica-cannabis-marijuana

Indica and Sativa – Understanding different cannabis types

The two main types of cannabis, as you may know, are indica and sativa. Cannabis has been used and cultivated for thousands of years, and is one of the oldest known crops. Indica and sativa are its main strains, as we mentioned, although they have led to a huge variety of hybrid strains. These two…

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why do we lie

Why do we lie? – The psychology of lying

Researchers have found out that most people can’t even go for 10 minutes without telling a lie. So at least don’t lie to yourself, and admit that you do it to. We’re not saying that it’s every ten minutes exactly, but it’s true that we all lie sometimes. We’re not necessarily talking about big lies…

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Europa life on other planets and moons – Jupiter moon

What about life beyond Earth? – Life on other planets and moons

For some time now we have seen Mars as a possible candidate for a planet that might offer life, similar to the one on Earth. What happens if this turns out to be untrue? Are there other possibilities? The truth is that there is actually a very high probability that life on other planets or…

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world's unluckiest people -ann hodges-meteorite

The 5 unluckiest people that ever lived and their stories

If you thought you were unlucky, wait till you see what these people’s lives had in store for them. We’ll go over the most bizarre stories that have happened to these five people, who have rightfully been called the unluckiest people in history. No, we are not talking about cancer, illnesses or natural disaster victims….

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What causes Goosebumps – cat gets goosebumps

What causes Goosebumps – The science behind goosebumps

What are goosebumps? Goosebumps are literally bumps that may appear on our skin and our body hairs may raise as a result. They may appear in several different situations and may be caused by cold, fear, sexual arousal or euphoria. We’ll go through each of those situations separately and explain what causes goosebumps to appear. Both…

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