Indica and Sativa – Understanding different cannabis types

The two main types of cannabis, as you may know, are indica and sativa. Cannabis has been used and cultivated for thousands of years, and is one of the oldest known crops.

Indica and sativa are its main strains, as we mentioned, although they have led to a huge variety of hybrid strains.

These two strains of cannabis seem to have many differences. Other than their different appearance, they also lead to a very different high, have different effects on the body, and are used for different purposes.

Different appearance

The sativa and indica plants have a different morphology, or appearance, which makes it easy to differentiate them.

The sativa plants are taller (up to 20 feet), with narrow leaves, and are usually grown outside, whereas the indica plants are quite conveniently suited for the indoors. They grow shorter, and have wider and denser leaves.

What are their effects?

Both strains have their unique effects, and are used for different purposes.

Indicasativa and indica-cannabis-marijuana

– relaxes the mind

– relaxes the muscles

– decreases acute pain

– decreases nausea

– increases appetite

– helps increase dopamine levels

Sativasativa and indica-cannabis-marijuana

– reduces anxiety

– acts as an anti-depressant

– helps treat chronic pain

– increases creativity and focus

– helps increase serotonin levels (which helps regulate mood, learning, sleep, anxiety and appetite)

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Their use

In general, people use indicas for treating physical ailments, like pain and inflammation, and sativas for mental conditions, like ADHD and depression.

Indica’s use

The best use for Indica is to help patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, Crohn’s disease, glaucoma, and sleep disorders, since it tends to have relaxing effects on the muscles.

Indica can be used for treating anxiety as well, since many people have found their anxiety to increase from sativa, or have even experienced paranoia.

Some patients do like sativa strains better, since they provide them with an energy boost during the day.

Sativa’s use

Sativas would be a great choice for treating mental ailments. Sativa strains are uplifting and energizing, and that’s why they’re a great fit.

You can also use them to treat anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, and many other mood disorders.

People use medical marijuana not only to treat anxiety and many other conditions in humans, but in dogs as well. So if you got a pooch that suffers from anxiety, you should give this treatment a try. Here’s how to determine if your dog suffers from anxiety.

Some people who suffer from anxiety prefer indica over sativa, as they find some sativa strains to make their anxiety even worse. That’s why it’s important to always test out a new strain, and then start using it as medication.sativa and indica-cannabis-marijuana

The hybrids

The hybrids are cannabis strains that have both indica and sativa in them. They are mostly made in order to get the desired characteristics from both stains into one. The hybrids are usually either an indica-dominant or a sativa-dominant strain.

Hybridization can be quite useful in many cases.

Sometimes it can help mellow out a strain of sativa that could possibly cause paranoia. Sometimes it can even help give sativa strains some characteristics of the indica, making it easier to cultivate it at home and wait no longer than 6-8 weeks for it to mature.


Indica and Sativa – Understanding different cannabis types

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