IKEA has launched an awesome furniture line just for your pets

We’re not the only ones who wish to relax in style. It’s time for our pets to have the same comfort as well. IKEA’s new furniture collection is exclusively designed for our furry friends, and comes with all the necessities our pets need.

Their collection includes everything from a comfy dog bed, to a fancy scratching mat for your cat.

IKEA pet furniture
Scratching mat, natural (Picture IKEA)
IKEA pet furniture
Play tunnel for cat (Picture IKEA)

What does it offer?

You or your pet can choose from a range of beds, doggy or kitty houses, bowls, blankets and so on. if you have a cat that doesn’t like to sleep on a bed on the floor, you can buy her a personalized kitty house that comes with attachable legs. This way your kitty can observe everything that’s going on from up high.

IKEA pet furniture

IKEA pet furniture

IKEA pet furniture

IKEA pet furniture

Where can I find it?

The Lurvig furniture line, which means “hairy” in Swedish, is now available in five countries: U.S, France, Japan, Portugal and Canada.

How much is it?

The whole collection is pretty affordable, as all furniture from IKEA usually is. The priciest item on the list is a padded cat house, that costs $54. The other items are usually in the range of $20-$40.

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What about if your dog is having company?

Not to worry, as the collection even includes a bed that pulls out so that your pup and its puppy friends can have a sleepover if they would like. Other than furniture, you can also find some accessories for your pet, such as the slow-feed bowl, for your fast-eating pet, and much more.

IKEA pet furniture

Surprise your pet right now

Even though your cats already have their own spots on your sofa, now they’ll have the chance to enjoy furniture tailored specifically to suit them.

You can surprise your pet with a new bed or a house today! Here are a few more options you can choose from:

IKEA pet furniture IKEA pet furniture IKEA pet furniture

Just don’t expect your pets to put it all together themselves.


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