How to make Cat Toys – Must have DIY Toys Bundle for your Cat

If you wake up one day feeling particularly crafty, and you want to make your cat a special something then this list might come in handy!

Here are the best and easiest DIY cat toys you can find on the net. They’re not something you can find in a store, but your cat will love them just the same, if not more. And since cats are sometimes even more interested in the box the gift came in we made up a list of all toys and gifts you can make for your cat using just cardboard, toilet paper rolls, paper bags, and other stuff you got lying around the house. As long as it makes noise and rolls around, we guarantee your cat will love.

Cats can have fun playing with just about anything, and it doesn’t have to be anything special. In fact – the simpler, the better! That’s exactly what this list includes.

If you’re not sure on the right type of toys that would suit your cat the best, you can first check to see what’s your cat’s personality type.

Here are some great DIY ideas that can help you make the perfect gift for your cat. You’ll be saving a few bucks and repurposing household items you would ordinarily throw out or recycle. Instead of doing that, choose to upcycle it and make something super cute for your cat to play with!

You’ll have as much fun making them, as your cat will have playing with them!


It takes 6 steps to make this fun and easy toy. All you need is scissors, 6 empty boxes, tape and lots of FUN.

What you need to do is get 6 empty Friskies boxes, although any other type of rectangular cardboard box will do.

You need to cut out squares off the tops of all 6 boxes, flatten 2 of them and cut out 4 walls, as it’s shown on the 3rd image.

Cut out an entrance and a courtyard door on one of the boxes, and use the walls you cut out earlier to tape them on the outside.

Your tower is finished! You may now invite your cat and some of the neighbors’s cats over for some fun.

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Source: Friskies


This toy is truly irresistible! It will have your cat engaged and entertained for hours on end. Don’t think you won’t be having fun as well. You’ll enjoy making it and you’ll even have tons of fun watching your cat chase it around the house for hours.

In order to make the ball, you’ll only need 3 things: a pen, a pair of scissors, and an empty toilet paper roll.

Your first step is to mark lines around the roll and cut out 4 equal part out of it. Each ring should be no bigger than a finger’s width.

The next thing to do is insert the first ring into the second, and continue onto inserting the 3rd and 4th ring. You can add some finishing touches on the ball by doodling something on it.

Just be sure not to skip the final step, and add a few of the Friskies party mix inside the ball and let your cat have some fun getting them out.

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Source: Friskies

Cardboard Tiger Cat House

Let’s make a tiger house for your small indoor tiger!

Get a big enough cardboard box that would fit your cat and let’s start drawing.

We’ll begin with the nose, eyes, mouth and the ears on top (as it’s shown on the third image. Don’t forget to draw a small window for your cat, a tail, and of course some tiger stripes.

Once you’re done with that step it’s time to paint it all up in bright colors.

Your final step is to cut, fold and open up the house for your cat to move in!

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