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Cannabis and COVID-19 – Is CBD a Viable Treatment Option?

As the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to affect people all over the world, scientists are searching for new, out of the box solutions to treat the virus and cannabis seems to be one of the options they’re looking at. Experts from the University of Nebraska and the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have been recommending…

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Air Frying vs. Deep Frying - French Fries

Air Frying vs. Deep Frying – Which One Is Better?

We can all agree that fried foods are very delicious. No matter if it’s fries, fish, onion rings or many other foods, all fried foods are tasty when you cook them properly. Now, when it comes to their nutritional value, we can all agree that they are not as healthy as they are tasty. They…

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coconut oil unhealthy

Coconut oil is “as unhealthy as butter and beef fat”

US heart experts, registered dietitians, and physicians claim that the thing you thought to be the healthiest might actually be worsening your heart problems. People have always classified and promoted coconut oil as healthy. Recently, however, the truth has surfaced, and more and more people have come out to express their opinions on it. Let’s…

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sativa and indica-cannabis-marijuana

Indica and Sativa – Understanding different cannabis types

The two main types of cannabis, as you may know, are indica and sativa. Cannabis has been used and cultivated for thousands of years, and is one of the oldest known crops. Indica and sativa are its main strains, as we mentioned, although they have led to a huge variety of hybrid strains. These two…

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truth about sugar– Is sugar bad for you

The truth about sugar– Is sugar bad for you?

If you like taking care of your body, or are worried that you’re not taking your heath care seriously then you are at the right place. We know that many of you are becoming more and more careful of what you put in our body. That’s exactly why you might be interested to hear the…

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health benefits of garlic

5 surprising health benefits of garlic

It’s not a coincidence at all that we’re talking about the health benefits of garlic. Garlic benefits is actually the second most searched term on Google, when it comes to super foods. It’s a super food known to every cuisine in the world. People have been using it as medicine, as well as food. Some…

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super foods - blueberries

5 super foods you need to start eating right now

What are super foods? Even though there is no definition of what super foods exactly are, we can describe them as nutrient packed foods, with plenty of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and so on. Consuming super foods helps reduce the risk of chronic diseases and sometimes even cancer. That’s exactly why people are more and more…

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Is it true that dairy causes acne

Dairy and acne: Is it true that dairy causes acne?

What dairy products mean for us Although recommended as healthy and good for the body, dairy products seem to be taking a big hit lately. The government has been recommending all dairy products, especially milk, for decades. We have all been taught that we should consume dairy on a daily basis. Our parents have always…

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