Top 13 pics of the laziest and funniest Christmas decoration ever!

December is already here and people have started to put up their Christmas decorations. Some have done a wonderful job with both their lights and their Christmas tree, but this article is not about them.

Today we are sharing the most wonderful and particularly lazy approaches to Christmas decorations some people had.

If you are searching for lazy and funny ways to decorate your house and be the best in the neighbourhood, you have come to the right place.

#13 – MEH

Went to look for Christmas lights with the five-year-old, she seemed to like this one the best and here we are.

Funny christmas decorations

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#12 – The Christmas Tree

Christmas is not Christmas without a tree.

Funny christmas decorations

#11 – Birthday wishes

All birthdays need to be celebrated!

Funny christmas decorations

#10 – The birth of Jesus

The birth of Jesus – Let’s drink to that!

Funny christmas decorations

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