Fun 70s outdoor games for kids of all ages that you need to teach your kids

Red Light / Green Light

Here’s how you play it:

One person needs to play the stop light and the rest of the kids will try to touch him or her. The first thing you need to do is form a line 15 feet away from the stop light. When the stop light is green you are free to move towards it, if it turns red, you need to turn around and stop moving. If anyone’s still moving after the light turns red, they are out of the game.

You resume playing as soon as the light turns back around and says “green light”.

The stop light wins if all of the kids are out of the game, before anyone touches him or her. If someone does succeed in touching the stop light, that player wins the game and is the stop light in the next game.

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Ghost in the graveyard

Ghost in the Graveyard is a combination of both hide and seek and Tag. The main difference between hide and seek and ghost is that it’s not just one player that looks for the rest, but it’s all players who look for that one player that’s the ghost in the graveyard. The game is fun to play both daytime and nighttime, although it’s always a bit more thrilling when the lights are low.

Here’s how you play it:

The one player that’s chosen to be “it” has to hide, while all others start counting and when they’re done they go look for him. The first player to find him yells out: “Ghost in the Graveyard” and all the others have to run to base before the ghost could catch them. If someone gets caught, he or she gets to be the ghost for the next round.


Here’s how you play it:

Ringolevio is a Tag war between two teams, where each team tries to capture all of the other team members as prisoners.

Each of the teams have their own jail, which can be any place they choose. Jail is where they put all of the tagged players of the opposite team. The prisoners can be untagged if someone from the other team that has not been imprisoned tags them.

The team to imprison all of the other team’s players wins the game.

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