Find out what the gift you choose says about you. Fun Christmas quiz questions and answers.

What’s the one thing you want this Christmas? What’s would make you happy? Think about it for a second then choose one:
Fun Christmas quiz - questions and answers
Now that you know exactly what you’d be happiest with this Christmas let’s see what that says about you and your character.

We all want different things in life, which means that it takes different things to make us happy. It’s time to find out what kind of person you simply by looking at the gift you chose for yourself this year. Let’s have a little fun and learn a few things about ourselves we didn’t know before.

Let’s see what gift you chose, and what it says about you.

If you chose a new phone

You are not shy and modest. You know what you want and go for it. People often tell you that you look at money in an unhealthy way, that you spend a bit too much, and you don’t know how to save up, but the truth is – you don’t want to. You believe that it’s important to pamper yourself and “treat yo’ self” is your motto! Even though you do spend a large amount of money on materialistic things, you can often appreciate the small things just the same.

Not only do you like to pamper yourself, but you like to do the same with your friends as well. You always choose the best gifts for them!

You are a smart and organized person, but you also find time for pleasure, passion and a bit of drama even.

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If you chose love

You are a kindhearted individual that has a lot of love to give. You’re a passionate and romantic person and you’re always in search of your soulmate. You believe that there’s a special someone for each of us, and you won’t give up until you find yours.

You may often drift off to your fantasy world where everything seems lovely and perfect, which you often use as an inspiration for your work, whatever it may be.

People who chose love as a Christmas gift are full of hope and inspiration and are ready for whatever the following year may bring!

If you chose money

You know how to embrace the values of dignity, dedication and hard work. You’ve dedicated most of your time on making a better life for yourself and your family, and you feel like you deserve a bit more money and a few less financial obstacles in the year to come.

You take pride in your work and your family appreciates what you’ve done and succeed in so far.

If you chose to be surrounded by family and friends

Traditional values are important to you, and what you hold dearly to your heart are your family and friends. You work hard to make everyone happy and bring everyone together, so celebrating Christmas with your loved ones is what would make you truly happy.

You stick up for what you believe in, and what you believe in most of all is your family, that’s why you’d do anything to make them feel happy and loved.

At work you’re dedicated and you aim to please your co-workers or your boss. You are a hard worker and you cannot stand people who are lazy, and dishonest, especially when in comes to people you work closely with.

If you chose a new job

You are a dedicated, hard worker, who never hesitates whether to speak their mind or stay silent. If you’re not happy with something you’ll speak up, and you won’t be afraid to do so.

You’ve got a good reputation among your friends and co-workers, and they see you as an honest, dedicated and flexible person. You may even be a bit stubborn at times, but that’s only because you value your work and you stand by what you do. That’s why you hate it when people undermine you and take advantage of you and your skills.

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If you chose better health

You are a unique, caring, and sensitive person. You are humble and you don’t like to stand out in a crowd. What you care about the most is your family’s health and happiness, as well as your own.

You are aware that we live in a cruel and selfish world where people only think about themselves and care little about others. You are nothing like them. Your only wish is to have a happy and healthy life and be able to enjoy all of its joys and its unique beauty.

You are a giving and caring person and you always care about others same as you care about yourself.

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