The first animal you see describes your 2018 love life

personality test - duck rabbit optical illusion
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The first animal you saw when you looked at the picture describes your 2018 love life.

What was the first animal you saw? Was it duck or rabbit?

Let’s see how it can be used to describe your love life and 2018 relationship status.

First of all let’s get one thing out of the way. There is no emotion as confusing as love. There are times when we focus all of our energy at finding the right person, then there are other times when we even stop believing at the whole notion of love.

Some believe that there is only one person that’s right for us, and it’s worth waiting for, while others just feel like the most important thing in every relationship is to work on our problems, and have mutual trust and understanding with our partner.

That’s the main difference that separates us into two main categories.

Let’s go over them separately.

The ones that saw a duck

These people are the ones that believe in romantic cultivation and growth with their partner. They are willing to work on solving their relationship problems, rather than avoiding them.

These people believe in compromise and mutual trust but don’t shy away from conflict when it is necessary.

They believe in personal growth and are not quick to judge or blame their partner when something goes wrong.

Their 2018 love life is going to be a calm and romantic one, whether they are in a long and committed relationship, or are still looking for that special someone.

The ones that saw a rabbit

These are people that believe in destiny and love at first sight. They believe in soul mates and always look for that special spark or click that tells them they are compatible with their partner.

There are both positive and negative sides to being this type of person.

The positive thing is that they are extremely passionate, loving and committed to their partners in the beginning of the relationship. They are content with their partners, and would do anything to make them happy.

However, when problems arise it’s a bit more difficult for them to adapt than it is for the other type. They have problems seeing and admitting to their partner’s flaws, and that’s why it takes them longer to realize that there’s something wrong in their relationship.

What 2018 holds for them is an intense and passionate relationship, but they need to be careful, as it may also turn into a quick romance if they are not willing to work on their relationship problems as a couple, but choose to ignore them until it all blows up in their face.


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