Dad turns sons’ drawings into anime characters and the result is incredible

Meet Thomas Romani

Thomas Romain is a very talented animator and anime artist who lives and works in Tokyo. He has worked on many TV series, such as: Aria, Space Dandy, and Basquash!, and yet that’s not why you’re reading about him today.

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What actually makes him so special and famous is the fact that he draws his inspiration and ideas from his sons.

He posts all of his work on his Twitter account, both his collaborations with his sons and the art for the anime series he’s working on at the moment.

Their process and their workshop

His sons are the ones with the rich and active imagination and they help him out by always providing new ideas for an incredible anime character.

Thomas says that all of them work together in a workshop he calls Father and Sons Design, and they come up with weird and awesome anime characters daily.

With the help of Thomas’s professional touch, they design so many wonderful and awesome looking characters.

Romain always puts his own touch and spin to his kids’ work, although he always stands by to the original design, using the same colors, shapes, shades and intention.

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The beginnings

Romain began using his sons’ drawings and doodles to make unique anime characters in the beginning of 2017.

Their first collaboration happened quite spontaneously. One of his sons designed a star-studded alien using stickers, markers and a bit of fuzzy fabric. Romain was inspired by his son’s work and decided to transform it into a shaded watercolor illustration which is featured at the end of the article.

Since then, Thomas and his sons have made many more original characters, such as: the Magic Knight, Steampunk DoctorCyborg, and more.

Check out their work!

We put together a selection of their work, so sit back and enjoy! And of course be sure to tell us what you think about it in the comments.


father and son drawing anime characters

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#3father and son drawing anime characters


father and son drawing anime-characters-thomas-romain 4

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