What does the color you choose say about your personality? Take the color test to find out.

color test personalityYou might have previously heard about Dr. Lüscher who believed that when we select a color we do so in an unconscious way. The colors we select reveal who we truly are, and not who we’d like to be perceived as.

Quickly look at the picture above. Remember which color you saw first and find out what it says about you and your personality.

If you saw yellow (1)

You look at life with wonder and you’re always surprised by the little things life brings you. The thirst for new experiences and knowledge is what keeps you going. Once you get stuck in a routine your productivity drops massively and you start feeling bored. What you need most in order to do your best is to get excited and surprised by the project you’re working on.

If you saw pink (2)

You are charming, enchanting and loving. You mean the world to your friends and family, and your partner loves you for the unique and caring person you are. Your best traits are loyalty and reliability. People always trust you, and your close friends would put their life in your hands without hesitation.

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If you saw brown (3)

You are a kind and loyal friend, and you’d do everything in your power to help out a friend in need. Flashy and fancy things don’t interest you. What you hope for the most is to have a stable and calm life, filled with laughter, love and many beautiful friendships.

If you saw burnt orange (4)

You’re quite organized and you always seem to choose logic over your emotions. Nevertheless, you are a really caring and loving person, and you care about your loved ones more than you do about yourself. Honesty is something you value a lot, so you always try to keep open and honest relationships with people.

If you saw light green/pickle green or dark green (6,7,8)

You are an affectionate, honest and loyal person. You care about your partner and see them as a friend and a lover at the same time. Your family and friends are always put first and they know and appreciate that.

If you saw blue (9)

You are a calm and relaxed person. You care more about others than yourself, and you’re a tender and caring partner. Your friends know they can rely on you, and they do so without a doubt. Stability and order are two important things in your life.

If you saw red (10)

What draws you out the most is desire and passion. You’re quite dominant, active, competitive and sometimes even eccentric.

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You can be a bit aggressive and controlling from time to time, but mostly because you want to have things in your control and want everything done as you’ve planned. This means you often find it hard to work in teams and play team sports, but when it comes to your individual work or work tasks, everything is done spotlessly.

If you saw light or dark grey (5,11)

This means you don’t lose your focus quite easily and you don’t tend to daydream a lot. You are a romantic person, yet you are realistic and down to earth as well. You’ve got a big heart and a lot of love for your family and friends. What you need to do a bit more is relax and let things take their own course from time to time. You need to know that not all things are in your control, and simply accept that as a fact.

If you saw charcoal black (12)

This means that you are quite sensitive and artistic. People regard you as an introvert, but the truth is you’re just cautious about who you socialize with, and have a small circle of close friends that you trust and care about so much.

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