The most amazing cat heroes that ever lived

These cats put their own life in danger in order to save others.


Most of the cats that you’ll read about today were absolute cat heroes, and saved their owners from risky and life threatening situations. This cat did the same. The only difference is – she did it for her own kittens. Scarlett had had kittens, and was keeping them in a garage of a rundown house which caught on fire. She knew she had to get them out of there. No matter how unsafe it was for her, she kept coming back for them, until she took the last kitten out. She got burned and blistered, but she kept on going back and forth, until she got all of them to safety.

Scarlett the cat hero
Scarlet the cat

Firefighters saw that she touched each of her kittens’ noses. She did that to make sure they were alive and safe, and collapsed out of exhaustion immediately after.

As soon as she had recovered and her kittens had grown a little bigger, people started sending in requests to adopt her and her kittens. Her rescuers received more than 7,000 requests!

Scarlett did suffer some injuries from the fire, but she managed to recover completely, and later on starred in two books.

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Izzy the dog had no idea that his rescuer would be none other than his pall Sammy. Izzy was a small terrier that got attacked by a larger and much stronger dog. Sammy saw that his friend was unable to get away from the grips of the larger dog, and ran to his rescue. He puffed up and got the dogs attention. The dog started chasing him, and forgot about Izzy. Sammy was able to quickly escape and hide in the nearest tree, giving Izzy a chance to get away.

Although Izzy had a lot of injuries, such as a punctured abdomen, and muscle trauma, he managed to fully recover.

If it weren’t for Sammy he might not have survived.


A four-year-old boy was riding his bike in front of his house when a neighbor’s dog came up to him and pulled him off the bike. The boy’s family cat saw this and immediately run to his rescue. She pushed off the dog using nothing but her own body. The boy’s mother was the next to come to his help, and got bitten by the same dog as well. They took the boy to a hospital, where he got 10 stitches, but if it weren’t for Tara, it could have been much worse.
Later on, the family was interviewed, and they shared Tara’s story with the whole world. They said that Tara was a rescue cat, that they took in 6 years ago, and that she was actually a very calm and mellow cat, who loved their children a whole lot.


cat heroes - homer the blind cat
Photo: Homer the Blind Wonder Cat

Homer was a skinny black kitty who was wandering the streets of Miami, with a terrible eye infection. A good Samaritan took him to the vet, where he had to have eye removal surgery at just 2 weeks. Fortunately for him, he managed to find a loving home, and a rescuer who loved him with her whole heart.

She decided to name him after the famous Greek poet, who was also blind.

One night, Gwen Cooper, the owner, was awaken by a terrible growling sound. She got up and saw her cat growling at an intruder that was standing in her bedroom.

It was time for Homer to save his owner, just as she once saved him. He jumped on the intruder, and wouldn’t stop scratching and biting him, until he finally ran away.

Homer’s story inspired millions of people to give blind kittens a chance, and their adoption rate went up, which was amazing. The kittens got a second chance on life, and their owners got blessed with a fateful friend and companion.

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cat heroes - charley
Photo: North News and Pictures Ltd

Charley’s owner was a 47-year-old woman who suffered from a collapsed diabetic hypoglycemic attack. She had collapsed in the bathroom, while everyone was asleep. No one heard her fall, as they were sound asleep. Nobody, except Charley that is. Charley knew that something was wrong so she quickly ran into the bedroom and started pawing and licking at the husband’s face to wake him up and get his attention. Susan’s husband got up and Charley went straight to the bathroom, where her owner was lying down. Charley had led Kevin (the husband) into the bathroom just in time, so that he could inject his wife with a glucose shot and save her life.


On a normal day in 2014, Amy payed the Humane Society shelter a visit, where she usually played with all the cats. She didn’t plan on adopting any of them that day.

Luckily for her, she ended up adopting two, one of which would save her life the very same day.

Amy went home with the cats. Later on, when she fell asleep, she had a diabetic seizure in her sleep. Pudding, one of the cats, realized that something was wrong and started jumping up and down on her to wake her up. Amy wasn’t able to call out her son, who was sound asleep in the next room, so Pudding ran into his room, and jumped on him, to wake him up.

Her son was able to give her the medical attention she needed, all with the help of Pudding.

Amy realized the potential that Pudding had, and registered him as a therapy animal.


cat heroes - Pwditat the guide cat
Picture: Wales News Service

Terfel, a blind dog that lived in Wales was having trouble adjusting to his new condition, and was constantly walking into walls and furniture. He even became afraid of the house, and didn’t want to walk around as much. That was until the family took in Pwditat, a stray cat that found the most amazing way to thank them for giving her a home.

Soon after they rescued her, she became a guide for Terfel. She helped him navigate the house, and go out into the garden for some fresh air. They quickly became best friends, and started doing almost everything together. They even slept together.

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