This cat and dog love to travel together, and their pictures are amazing

Their mom, Cynthia Bennett, thinks of them as brothers, although she says jokingly that her cat Baloo sees his older brother Henry as more of a mother.

Cynthia and her boyfriend adopted Henry when he was no more than 14 weeks old. They wanted to get a golden retriever mix, but saw Henry at the adoption event and had to take him home.

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Henry was still a young puppy when they took him, but was still bigger than the rest of the puppies that were up for adoption. As soon as they got home he just curled up in her lap and fell asleep. He knew he was finally home.

Both Cynthia and her boyfriend love to hike, and in Henry they found a happy hiking companion. He would always look for the tallest and steepest rocks to climb on, so he could look over the edge. He was like a small mountain goat.

Things got even more interesting a few months back, when the couple decided to take yet another rescue pet, but this time they wanted it to be a little kitten. They found a Siamese kitten mix called Baloo and fell in love with him right away.

It wasn’t only them that fell in love with Baloo, but Henry as well. Baloo loved to snuggle and play with him, and started to learn a few things from him.

One thing that surprised Cynthia was the fact that Baloo seemed like he really wanted to go on walks, and as soon as Cynthia reached for Henry’s leash, Baloo would start to scream at the door. That’s when Cynthia decided she would start bringing both of them on her trips and their pictures are absolutely amazing.

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cat and dog travel together
Picture: @Instagram
Picture: @Instagram
cat and dog travel together
Picture: @Instagram

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