Do you have a male or female brain? Find out by looking at the picture.

Daphna Joel, an established neuroscientist, was quite interested in how our gender is formed and dedicated her time to research the phenomenon.

In 2009, she launched a course dedicated to gender studies in Tel Aviv University, and her research took her on quite an interesting journey.

She used her research and her study to bust the myths and stereotypes about how the female and male brain works, and how men are more competitive, and women better at communication. She didn’t like the way we depend so much on such notions and see them as facts, that we even let them dictate our relationships, the way we see ourselves, and how we organize our household.

There was a recent case where James Damore, a well-known and established Google engineer was fired because of a memo he sent out. In the memo, he stated that there is no need of having so many diversity programs, and that women don’t really belong in engineering, since they don’t care as much about things as they do about people.

Unlike him, there are many other scientists out there who believe that we should be rethinking the whole concept of gender and gender roles, and start breaking down stereotypes.

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Some believe that there is no use in classifying some parts of the brain, or different brains as more to the feminine or to the masculine side.

However, there are many who still believe that it’s not for us to negate something determined by socialization as well as biology, and simply disregard it.

To that point let’s have a look at what type of brain we have, and let’s see if the it fits our personality description.

Please don’t hesitate to share your opinion on the subject below!

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Now let’s have some fun!

Do You Have a More Masculine or More Feminine Brain? Let’s find out together!

Look at the picture below. Is the man running towards or away from you?

brain test quiz

Let’s see what each answer means.

If you saw a man running towards you:

You try to solve your problems and pass life’s difficult obstacles using your spot on analytical skills and good reason. You learn very quickly once you become curious about something. That’s when you focus all your energy on it until you come up with an idea how to approach it.

You’re not a good multitasker, and you’d rather focus on one thing at a time. Once you come up with an idea or you have a strong opinion about something, you are ready to back it up with convincing arguments because you’re sure of yourself, your great focus and attention skills.

If you saw a man running away from you:

Your analytical skills and reasoning are at their max. You rely on your senses and reasoning and you don’t rush when making a decision. Your brain is at its best when you immerse yourself in something creative or you’re creating something from scratch. You’re a great multitasker, and you have an amazing memory. What you can always count on are your intuition and excellent senses!

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53 thoughts on “Do you have a male or female brain? Find out by looking at the picture.”

      1. This is what I noticed right away. There is no opinion or illusion, he is running away because of the position of his thumb. Which according to them would be a “male style” answer, though the actual answer is the “female” one. Um. What? So that’s some BS. So does that mean only a male brain could see something know it’s logically wrong and argue the point anyway?

    1. Gongoli Guingambo

      It’s not a he, it’s a she, and she’s not running or walking, she’s posing, and she’s also confused about whether she’s a he or a she and doesn’t know whether to come or to go.

    1. He’s clearly running away for 3 reasons.

      Reason 1: look at his left hand his thumb is in front of all the other fingers.

      Reason 2: left arm’s elbow is more towards the back.

      Reason 3: his right leg calf and thigh’s curve are visible indicating that he’s running forward. That’s even visible on his right leg.

      And yes I’m a man.

      1. I’m a man too. And yes he is running away. And I am far from a female and I do not have any gender disorder and never think about how it would be to be a woman. But because I see a man running away I have a female brain? What the he’ll are these people that fo these studies and find these supposed facts paid for? This world is in a very scary direction.

        1. none of the scientists mentioned here are involved in the creation of this image

          is a study by Daphna Joel, mentioned in this article, that denies there are great differences between male and female brains, she wrote another article entitled “Male or female? Brains are intersex”
          this article associates itself with legitimate scientists to push their bs and make it go viral
          this got regurgitated by the sun and the new york post

          1. We each have male and female Sides to our brains. But not split straight down the middle in use – it’s more of a bell curve that leans one way or the other.

      2. And the lifted foot would look wrong if it was running towards the viewer, the toe looks silly and unnatural, like the foot is being held flat like a hoof
        When it is running away the posture overall looks more realistic

  1. When seeing the man running, I did not see it had anything to do with whether he was running towards or away form me, I only felt he was running towards the LIGHT. We should all be running towards the LIGHT.

    1. Good lord Karen, the light is away from you so the guy running toward the light is running away from you.
      Great way to show your opinion is useless.

      1. Hey, no need to overreact and be a wannabe wise ass bitch to that woman.
        You’re a recipe stealing bitch, Doris.

      2. Karen actually makes good sense and her opinion is as valid as yours. So don’t be so negative and opinionated, it makes you sound like a jerk.

      3. The information about James DaMore is false. Those were not claims he made; they were strawman arguments for his claims. Having read the memo he wrote, I would classify the rest of this article as equally deceptive.

    1. Like it or not, there are only 2 sexes. Male or female. If you took biology, you’d know that. Plus, you can always have your DNA checked if you have any questions.

      1. Tell that to someone whom is intersex, Abigail.

        There are multiple DNA sequences.

        Some have XO; they aren’t male (XY), female XX. They are missing one sex chromosome all together.

        Some have an extra sex chromosome; XXX or XXY.

        These three sex chromosomes are neither male or female.

        If you want to throw DNA into an issue, you should know more about DNA.

  2. Any person that’s watched any number of different sporting events would be biased or influenced to see an athlete running out of a tunnel onto the playing field, track or surface. This is a non-gender biased influence and should have no bearing on any neurological tendencies or predispositions.

    1. Exactly.. but 10/10 liberal neurofeminist protagonists all claim that every man is wrong even when they are right dumbest study of complete idiots if you ask me

  3. What does it mean if u can see both? I see the man run towards the light and I can also see him running towards the camera.

  4. Does anyone even reference the scientific method anymore?

    “Daphna Joel, an established neuroscientist” Sorry this, sadly, is not enough.

    I saw both, I also saw that whoever made this silhouette does not understand the difference between 8bit and 16bit color modes. The banding on that gradient is atrocious. But in all seriousness, where is the study evidence? Where is the peer review. For a website called “Fact Factories” there are no links leading to any facts anywhere in this article. Does “factory” suggest that this website constructs opinions and packages them as facts? Seems so.

    Imagine if I took a picture of my creased armpit, uploaded it and stated: “If you see a Vagina you’re comfortable with your sexuality. If you see an armpit you’re lacking Sexual confidence.”

    The conclusions posed by the “black or white” result parameters of this Jpeg are so under underwhelmingly infantile that it offends the evolutionary complexity of the human brain. Fact Factory? More like “Opinion Sweatshop”.

    1. Damn, glad someone else said it. I looked up Daphna, and she frequently writes the opposite of the claims in this “article”.

  5. Not sure why my last comment got canned, but any person that’s watched any number of different sporting events would be inclined or biased to seeing an athlete running out of a locker room tunnel onto a playing field, track or surface. This wouldn’t or shouldn’t be considered a gender biased influence and should have no bearing on any neurological tendencies or predispositions.

  6. The lifted leg is going towards the light. It would not have that silhouette if it was behind the runner. The calf on that leg is noticeably thinner than the other. It is a one point perspective. Things farther away are smaller. No male or female about correct drawing. There is only one answer

  7. Nice try guys, but very wrong.
    “Analytical Skills”? Try this:
    The upper body does nothing for me. But the legs provide a dead giveaway. The leg on the left of the image is physically smaller than the leg on the right — the one with the foot on the ground. This is especially noticeable in the calf width. The left side calf is much more narrow than the one to the right. You can measure this in any photo editing program. That means that the leg on the left is farther away than the one on the right, and therefore the image is moving away from you. Give this takes analytics to solve, the image moving away is more likely to be the product of a male brain, not a female one.

  8. Are You Retarded

    Are all of you stupid? This isn’t even an illusion, pay more than 1 second and you notice that the left leg is smaller which indicates it’s further AWAY from you, otherwise this man has a broken misshapen asymmetrical foreleg running at a weird pose where he’s clenching his penis with his thigh because he needs to pee. Then look at the hand, that’s clearly shaped to face away from you.

    This has nothing to do with gender or brain, this is a sham and that scientist is a failure.

    1. When I first saw it, I saw it as a symbol of a man running, so no direction. Now that I have to choose a direction, my mind is telling me there is not enough info to make that decision.

    2. You don’t have to even analyze the legs. The thumb gives it away. Seen first on autopilot. My fist thought when I saw this was “Look he’s running towards the train”
      I’m gonna go join him after reading these comments.

  9. There is no male or female answer, there is only right or wrong. Those goat fuckin degenerate bastards in Tel aviv cant figure out which species to impregnate much less deduce clues from a pic of simple light and shadow neurofeminist cunt-lickin coalition for a shit stained woke brain

  10. Taco Joe, you don’t get it and are obviously less intelligent than Karen and possibly even less intelligent than a chimpanzee. Don’t be such a jerk for once in your life.

  11. The thumb is facing forward, (R) arm, the left arm is in front of the man in the running position, the feet are forward. The muscle mass pronounces the (L) knee inward with the foot down. I do not believe it is gender dependent or indicative, I am a female.

    1. Its clear that the man is running away from you look at his feet do you run with your feet pointing the other way if you do then your running backwards like your brain lol!!

  12. After wasting a considerable amount of my life on this posting, I have come to several conclusions:
    1. There is no correct answer. The graphic makes sense from both viewpoints.
    2. The writers of all of these articles did not take the time to dig into the research and did not cite original sources, data, and findings to inform their opinions. They just wanted a catchy headline and gemmick to attract viewers to their sites and influence you them on their own agendas.
    3. Read the link posted by “Justa” to learn more about one of Daphne Joel’s research on the topic of the Unisex brain. Brains are not classified into two genders.
    4. Watch the Ted Talk by the researcher to further understand that research finds a coorelation between stress and brain development as well as the mature brain is a mosaic male/ female brains. There is No male or female brain.
    5. Social media/internet was developed to bring communities of people together to share ideas and collect various viewpoints. Clearly, this is lost by many of the disparaging remarks in the comments of this posting.

    1. I am a Heterosexual female and I watch a lot of sports.
      I saw the man runnning towards me (back against the light) After reading everyones comments as to why he is running away. (Body angles) I could see it but my eyes and brain was still more comfortable with seeing him running towards me. All the persons body parts in my head were at the correct angle.
      I see the thumb towards the dark and the point of his shoes rather then the heel.
      I guess I’m the odd one!

      1. Oh and as for the size of the legs. I see the leg on the right side of the picture is bigger. We can’t run with the same leg in front of us. at some point the leg on the ground will be behind us.
        Why couldn’t he bigger leg be in front of you as if you had just placed it down and your other leg has just pushed off?

  13. Based on the shadows, he appears to be running away, or towards the light. The shadow of the leg in the air would not be visible in this frame if he was running towards the camera.

  14. Based on the angle of the left elbow I see the figure as running toward me. I don’t see how the arm and shoulder could be at that angle if he were running away. I’m a man.

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