Do you have a male or female brain? Find out by looking at the picture.

Daphna Joel, an established neuroscientist, was quite interested in how our gender is formed and dedicated her time to research the phenomenon.

In 2009, she launched a course dedicated to gender studies in Tel Aviv University, and her research took her on quite an interesting journey.

She used her research and her study to bust the myths and stereotypes about how the female and male brain works, and how men are more competitive, and women better at communication. She didn’t like the way we depend so much on such notions and see them as facts, that we even let them dictate our relationships, the way we see ourselves, and how we organize our household.

There was a recent case where James Damore, a well-known and established Google engineer was fired because of a memo he sent out. In the memo, he stated that there is no need of having so many diversity programs, and that women don’t really belong in engineering, since they don’t care as much about things as they do about people.

Unlike him, there are many other scientists out there who believe that we should be rethinking the whole concept of gender and gender roles, and start breaking down stereotypes.

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Some believe that there is no use in classifying some parts of the brain, or different brains as more to the feminine or to the masculine side.

However, there are many who still believe that it’s not for us to negate something determined by socialization as well as biology, and simply disregard it.

To that point let’s have a look at what type of brain we have, and let’s see if the it fits our personality description.

Please don’t hesitate to share your opinion on the subject below!

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Now let’s have some fun!

Do You Have a More Masculine or More Feminine Brain? Let’s find out together!

Look at the picture below. Is the man running towards or away from you?

brain test quizLet’s see what each answer means.

If you saw a man running towards you:

You try to solve your problems and pass life’s difficult obstacles using your spot on analytical skills and good reason. You learn very quickly once you become curious about something. That’s when you focus all your energy on it until you come up with an idea how to approach it.

You’re not a good multitasker, and you’d rather focus on one thing at a time. Once you come up with an idea or you have a strong opinion about something, you are ready to back it up with convincing arguments because you’re sure of yourself, your great focus and attention skills.

If you saw a man running away from you:

Your analytical skills and reasoning are at their max. You rely on your senses and reasoning and you don’t rush when making a decision. Your brain is at its best when you immerse yourself in something creative or you’re creating something from scratch. You’re a great multitasker, and you have an amazing memory. What you can always count on are your intuition and excellent senses!

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