Animal Facts

Paw print tattoo

The most adorable paw print tattoos ever

We all love and adore our pets. They’re a part of our family, and the bond that we have with them is strong and unbreakable. They are our best friends and companions, and we would do anything to make them feel loved and appreciated. We show them how much we love them each day, and…

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IKEA pet furniture

IKEA has launched an awesome furniture line just for your pets

We’re not the only ones who wish to relax in style. It’s time for our pets to have the same comfort as well. IKEA’s new furniture collection is exclusively designed for our furry friends, and comes with all the necessities our pets need. Their collection includes everything from a comfy dog bed, to a fancy…

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anxiety in dogs – sad dog

How to tell if your dog is anxious – Anxiety in dogs

Same as with people, anxiety in dogs can manifest itself in many different ways. If you’d like to find out more about how to recognize the symptoms, what causes stress and anxieties, and how to treat them then look no further. We’re going to have a deeper look into the many possible ways you can…

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facts about puppies - adorable puppy

A few facts about puppies that will make you go “aww”

Although we’re sure that most of you have had the pleasure of spending some time with these adorable little creatures, and had the chance to see what makes them so cute and desirable, we can all admit that there’s always something more we could learn about them. Some of the cute facts about puppies that…

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can't pet the puppies of Chernobyl

Why can’t people pet the puppies of Chernobyl?

After the nuclear reactor in Chernobyl melted in 1986 it lead to the worst nuclear disaster in history. The area has since been considered as inhabitable. That, however doesn’t mean that nothing lives there. Wild animals, dogs, cats and puppies of Chernobyl that managed to survive the disaster stayed, and have since been reproducing. You…

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World's largest snake orgy to death

The world’s largest annual snake orgy

It’s an annual frenzy of ongoing sexual activity, sometimes even lasting up to three weeks. This exhausting snake orgy often leaves the male garter snakes starved, with scars and wounds on their bodies. It even shortens their lives, as scientists believe. The males invest everything they have in the process, while the females stay there…

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Benefits of owning a cat – What makes cats so special

What makes cats so special? – Benefits of owning a cat

We all love and appreciate the unbelievable fluffiness of our beloved felines. They can be charming, playful and adorable, although sometimes a bit bipolar, and hyperactive. Nevertheless, they are a bundle of joy that makes our world a happy place. And that’s not the only thing that makes them special! Soon you’ll get more familiar with all…

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facts about seahorses

8 little known facts about seahorses

Time has come to talk about the tiny and lovely creatures that hide in the corals of the ocean. We’ll go over a few interesting and random facts about seahorses, their way of life, how and what they eat and how they reproduce. Later on you can tell us which fact you found to be…

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koalas' mating rituals – sleeping koala

Koalas’ mating rituals – The mysteries behind it

Australia’s cute fur balls have often been studied in order to find out what’s exactly going on between them when the lights go out. Are they as lazy and slow paced, or do they turn into something else during the mating period? Thanks to extensive research and the tracking technology, now we know more about…

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