Animal Facts

frozen animals fox

You won’t believe how cold left so many frozen animals

Fox of Germany In January of 2017, a hunter was walking along the Danube riven when he discovered an ice block with a frozen fox inside. He thinks that the fox probably drowned in the river and was then transformed into an icy block by the ice cold weather. The hunter who found the fox…

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Cats share 5-personality types - The inquisitive type

Cats share 5 personality types. Which one is yours?

A study conducted by the University of South Australia interviewed more than 3000 cat parents and found out that felines share only 5 types of personalities. These five categories are: hunter, human, inquisitive, skittish and a cats’ cat. Understanding your cat’s personality plays a huge role in understanding your cat’s needs and its behavior. This…

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Lulu the dog fired from CIA

Lulu the dog fired from CIA for the most adorable reason

It’s not easy figuring out what you want to do for a living, and this dog knew it all too well. Lulu started training for the CIA, as a bomb sniffing dog, and she was doing pretty well. They enrolled her in the elite training programme where she trained for a few weeks. She trained…

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lucas the adorable spider

Say hello to Lucas, the spider that’s here to cure your arachnophobia

No matter if you hate spiders, or you’re too afraid of them, we guarantee you’ll love this one. READ MORE: All of FRIENDS’ thanksgiving episodes– RANKED Joshua Slice is the man behind this cute animation that was voiced by his nephew Lucas, and features this adorable creature. What we’re all hoping for is that Pixar will…

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Scarlett the cat hero

The most amazing cat heroes that ever lived

These cats put their own life in danger in order to save others. Scarlett Most of the cats that you’ll read about today were absolute cat heroes, and saved their owners from risky and life threatening situations. This cat did the same. The only difference is – she did it for her own kittens. Scarlett…

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The most amazing cat tattoo ideas

Cats are not just our pets, and companions. They have always had more meaning to us than that. Since Egyptian times cats have been treated like goddesses, and some were even mummified the way humans were. Almost all cultures have stories and myths that feature cats. They have been worshiped worldwide, and have become some…

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