A few things you didn’t know about online dating

The basics

Online or internet dating allows strangers to find other like-minded individuals, and develop romantic, personal or sexual relationships with. Online dating usually works through dating services and companies that have developed a specific and sophisticated mechanism. The mechanism works via dating apps and websites. This helps you look for a partner using whichever device you have available. Most apps are mobile friendly. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any trouble browsing through profiles at your spear time, on your coffee break, or even on the bus to work.

How it works

The way online dating works is quite simple. All you need to do is sign up, create your account and upload and include any personal information that you think describes you best. You will need to include information about gender, age, sexual orientation, your appearance as well as your location. Some dating services would recommend you to add pictures and videos of yourself as well, and that’s it. It’s quite easy creating a profile, as all dating services are quite user friendly and simple to use. After you’re done with your profile, you can start looking for people who you might be interested in. Right away you can see how good a match you both are, how nearby you live, and all the characteristics listed on their profile. This should make choosing a perfect partner a bit easier.

The shocking truth about online dating

Online dating has become more and more popular, now that social apps like Tinder, Meetup, and OKcupid are socially acceptable and frequently used. Meeting someone online has become quite normal, and popular, with millions of people joining each year. Some are looking for romance, some for a sexual relationship, while others simply come looking for friendship.

There are over 50 million single people in the States

50 billion adults living in the U.S. have not yet found their significant other. Although it’s not that big of a percentage, when compared to the U.S. population it’s still a lot, considering how many online dating sites actually exist. The online dating industry sees each of these 50 million people as a potential customer. They will probably find their sites or apps promising and will put all their hopes of ever finding a significant other on them.

Over 40 million Americans have given online dating a try

A lot of single people see online dating as a good opportunity to meet other single people, or possibly the love of their life. Others also use it to find friends, and companions, or just a sexual partner. There are some who have given online dating a try but ultimately decided it wasn’t for them and gave it up. Others have had a bit more luck. Many people have even succeeded in finding not only dates, but their lifetime partners, wives and husbands as well. Some are more successful than others. Many contribute that success to creating profiles on multiple sites, which may increase their chances drastically.

Match.com has whooping 21 million members

online dating - match.comThe first website to ever introduce online dating is Match.com, which is also the most popular dating site out there. It was invented 17 years ago and can be available to you at just $20.99 for a year’s membership. You also have the option to choose between other plans as well, such as the three or six-month plan and so on.

After you join the site, you’ll need to complete your profile and answer a series of questions. As soon as you’ve submitted your data, its algorithm will compare it to other match.com members and provide you with you best match.

eHarmony has 13 million members

online dating - eharmony13 out of those 50 million single Americans are actually on eHarmony, which is among the most popular dating sites out there. eHarmony says that they use a scientifically proven algorithm to match people up with their perfect date, and it claims to provide people with better results than they could obtain if they were to go to a bar or a club. They can find and match you with someone that suits your personality best. The dating site can be available to you for just $26.95 a year.

20% of committed relationships, and 17% of marriages began as online dating

At least 20% of people who have went to look for love online have fully committed to a romantic relationship with their partner. Online dating seems to be not so different from any other type of dating, after all.

The goal of many people who go on these web sites is to find their perfect partner and soul mate, start a serious and committed relationship and eventually settle down and get married. The statistics are not on their side, however, since only 17% of marriages had their beginnings in online dating.

Nonetheless, we can’t blame online dating for those low percentages. People seem to be less and less interested in marriage these days and that doesn’t have anything to do with online dating. The simple fact is that people aren’t that interested in getting married, as they were 20 or 30 years ago.

Younger women are generally more pursued, which is the opposite when it comes to men

Women who have listed their age at 21 get more interest from men, and their chances drop down steadily as the age number goes up. Men seem to be most interested in women in their 20s. Some of them have shown a special interest in women who are 26 or 27 years old. These women are more likely to have a stable career and are believed to be financially and emotionally more stable.

A profitable business

Online dating is actually quite a profitable business. Its members generate 1 billion dollars in annual revenues. It’s not just a profitable industry, but it’s also a quite stable one, with no signs of slowing down in the near future. Every day more and more members join the most popular dating sites and help the industry grow and extend even more.

70% of online daters say they believe in love at first sight

Facts about online dating - love at first sightSome people use online dating to find a “no strings attached” person, but this number right here says more about who actually uses online dating more- and that would probably be the hopeless romantics and people who truly wish to find the love of their life.


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