The 5 unluckiest people that ever lived and their stories

If you thought you were unlucky, wait till you see what these people’s lives had in store for them. We’ll go over the most bizarre stories that have happened to these five people, who have rightfully been called the unluckiest people in history.

No, we are not talking about cancer, illnesses or natural disaster victims. We are simply talking about people who experienced a one-in-a-million type of situation and had an extremely bizarre streak of bad luck.

Violet Jessop

World's unluckiest people - Violet JessopWe are starting the countdown of the world’s unluckiest people with Violet Jessop, who is also known as “miss unsinkable”. Violet Jessop is the only person in the world that had somehow found herself on not one, not two, but three major ship disasters. She was on board when the Titanic and the Britannic sank, and she was there when the Olympic had a serious accident, as well. Although she finds herself on the list of the 5 unluckiest people alive, we have to admit that she did have the luck to survive 3 serious ship wrecks, and that counts for something.

Violet’s crazy journey begins on the Olympic. In 1911 the Olympic had collided with a warship, but Violet managed to survive without any serious injuries. She and the captain of the Olympic decided to move on and work in a safer, unsinkable ship, or so they thought…

They went on to work on the Titanic.

We all know what the Titanic’s fortune was. What you might not know is that Violet managed to survive this crash as well, and she even went on to serve as a nurse on yet another ship! This was in 1916, and the ship’s name was the Britannic. The Britannic, as some of you know, had floated into a mine and sunk soon after. However, Jessop managed to survive for the third time. Later on when she died of congestive heart failure in 1971, they decided to bury her at sea.

Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence

Jason and Jenny Cairns-Lawrence somehow managed to pick three destination spots that were all attacked by terrorists. That’s exactly how they also found their place on the list of unluckiest people in history. The first time this happened was when they were sightseeing in NY, which happened to coincide with the 9/11 attacks.
World's unluckiest people - Jason and Jenny Cairns - twin towers 9 11Later on, the couple went to visit London, and it was at that time that a series of suicide bombings occurred in London’s Underground, taking the life of 52 people, and injuring 700. Still they didn’t want to give up travelling and in 2008 they went to visit India. On the exact same day that they arrived, a terrorist group attacked several buildings in the city. 164 people died that day. They were interviewed soon after and said that if they weren’t such bad writers, they would have most definitely written a book about it.

Tsutomu Yamaguchi

World's unluckiest people - Tsutomu Yamaguchi - Hiroshima - NagasakiOn August 6, 1945, Tsutomu happened to be in Hiroshima on a business trip. Just as he stepped off his car he saw a plane passing by. The plane turned out to be carrying the atomic bomb known as Little Boy, which exploded, and left Tsutomu’s body covered in burns.

After a day in the hospital, he felt a bit better and wanted to go back to his home town – Nagasaki. 2 days later he even felt well enough to work. He went to his office and it was then that he saw the same exact flash from 3 days ago. The flash came from the second atomic bomb dropped in Japan, called Fat Man. They detonated Fat Man above the city of Nagasaki. Miraculously Tsutomu survived yet another atomic bomb detonation, and went on to live until he was 93 years old.

He could very well be the only survivor of both the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

Ann Hodges

World's unluckiest people - Ann HodgesThe list of unluckiest people who ever lived couldn’t be complete without Ann Hodges. It was on a calm and relaxed day in November of 1954, that Ann Hodges became the only documented person on the planet, to ever be directly hit by a meteorite. All this happened as she was napping on the couch in her living room. Hodges got struck by a softball-sized meteorite on the hip, leaving her with a huge bruise, and a hole in her ceiling.

After the incident had passed, many people came over to the house to have a look at the meteorite. A lot of them offered to buy it out from her, as well. However, the U.S. Air Force claimed it for themselves, which added on to Hodges’s streak of bad luck. Her husband decided to hire a lawyer, and won back the stone. The meteorite eventually ended up in the Alabama Museum of Natural History, although they had many offers from people who still wanted to buy it out.

Roy Sullivan

World's unluckiest people - Roy Sullivan - struck by lightningThe unluckiest of them all would probably be a Virginia park ranger who was struck by lightning seven times. Yes, you heard it correctly. While working as a park ranger in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, Roy was struck by lightning on 7 different occasions. Some scientists argue that his job put him in danger, and made him an easier target for lightning strikes, but we do have to admit that the numbers are still unbelievably high!

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