3 mind-boggling puzzles you won’t believe the answers to

Many of us have always wanted to know if our mind works similar to other people’s minds, or if we are in a way different.

Now you have a chance to see if you think like 98% of the population or if you’re in those 2% whose minds work differently than most of us. You can check out the results to all 3 puzzles below the tests, just don’t skip to them immediately. Take 2 minutes of your time to do the tests and then we’ll reveal the answers.

Test 1

This is a story of a young girl who went at her mother’s funeral. At the funeral she was delighted to see an unknown young man who she found very charming and interesting. She fell head over hills in love with him. A few days later the girl killed her own sister…

What was her motive?

Test 2

Answer all of the questions below, and don’t skip ahead if you haven’t answered the previous one.

There’s no need to write down the answers.

Let’s start by adding a few numbers. We promise it won’t take long, and it will all be worth it at the end!

16 + 5 =

6 + 53 =

82 + 9 =

13 + 52 =

76 + 25 =

22 + 55 =

62 + 33 =

Only one more to go:

122 + 5 =

Now think of a tool and a color!

Remember or write your answer down on a piece of paper.

Test 3

Take no longer than 5-10 seconds for this test. It’s the only way it will work.

How many F’s do you see in the following excerpt:






Test 1

Answer: The girl hoped that she would get a chance to see the young man again at her sister’s funeral.

If you gave the wrong answer you are among the majority of people who don’t think like a murderous psychopath, and that’s great! Psychologist often use this test to determine whether someone has murderous thoughts, or a murderous mentality.

Share it with your friends, to see if some of them will actually get it right.

Test 2

Was a “red hammer” the thing you imagined?

If so, you are among the 98% of people who saw the exact same tool in the exact same color.

How it works:

That’s because your mind was a bit tired of all the math questions that we asked before getting to the main point, so your brain switched to it’s instinctive, fast, and emotional system and provided the picture of the most common tool, in the boldest, brightest color that first popped into your mind.

If by any chance you saw something else, then your mind works just a bit differently than everyone else’s.

Test 3

Did you see 3 F’s?

Look more thorougly and you’ll find that there are actually 6 F’s in the sentence.

Why did you miss them?

How it works:

The thing is that our brain is trained to overlook and not really see the word ‘of’. That is why you probably missed those extra 3 F’s when you read the sentence for the first time.

If you did count 6, then your brain might work quite differently than ours, or you might have done this test before.

Written by Marija Krstova

Marija Krstova is a blogger and content writer. She writes about health & wellness, fitness & nutrition, travel, gaming, lifestyle and more. When she’s not writing, you can find her travelling, playing with her dogs or enjoying a sunny day at the park.

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